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Our dogs in Uncle Vanya


We proudly annouance our lovely Anna and Anton is acting in Antov Pavlovich Chekhov: Uncle Vanya production at Szeged National Theatre. The appear on the scene five times and enjoying every minutes of it.

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Birthday Walk

In June, 2016 we visited our Anna and Anton  and their family at Hotel Sz├ępalma (the most dog-friendly hotel we have ever seen). We had a wonderful walk and carriage-ride in the Bakony together. It's always nice to spend time with such Borzoi-lovers as Annamaria and her family.


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Birthday Party

 In 2016. June we celebrated our first litter's 5th birthday!! Happy birthday to our Andrej, Anton, Alekszej, Anna, Anyegin, Anja and Alina!!  

honlap_kiskep_1 honlap_kiskep_bal_2
honlap_kiskep_4 honlap_kiskep_bal_3


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Happy Birthday Igor!



The tenth birthday is always memorable! With these birthday cakes we expressed honour to our lovely Igor who just turned into ten, saying thanks to this wonderful dog and his breeder.


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Alina in Romania


Congratulations on our divine Ch Petrodvorec Alina who recently got 2 x CAC, CACIB & BOS. With these results she is now Romanian Champion and new International Champion.

  • Anyegin
  • Andrej
  • Anja
  • Alekszej

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