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Five years passed since our first borzoi, Igor (Amuri-Pajkos Ferike) got into our home. I went regularly to greyhound racings with my husband where I fell in love with this brilliant sport.  It was the reason that we trained Igor from his early age and started to race with him. We were really happy because Igor was very motivated and as a superb runner he became Vice-Worldchampion of 2008 in Oude Pekela in the Netherlands. Nadja (Paskova Believe In Me) arrived to us from Bulgaria meanwhile. We roamed with her onto a new area, we had a taste of the dog-shows. Finishing his racing carrier Igor joined us and since then we are in a fever for both of them standing on the edge of the ring. Our dogs turned into the determining part of our life. We were travelling with them all over Europe, we are on holiday together and we spend our spare time together. I’ve learnt a lot from these noble creatures, I admire their elegant exterior, their reserved behaviour and their ability to bring peace and calmness into our everyday life. I say thank you to Annamária Solymosi (Amuri-Pajkos kennel) and Dr. Antoaneta Paskova (Paskova Borzoi) that I could obtain these two gorgeous founders of my kennel, with whom many joys and and success was brought for us in the course of the past years. Hungarian writer’s called Sándor Márai words characterize my feelings in connection with the dogs: „Let others call the animal affection weakness, mock because of this – be walking only with your dog. You stay in a good company; and the god knows this.”

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